Learn How to Juggle Part 2 – A Tutorial by Rick Barcode

Updated: February 1, 2004

Juggle_gripLast month you mastered the grip pictured left and practiced the base skills to get your juggling foundation solid.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level and introduce that third bottle to the equation.

Using this grip, hold two bottles in one hand and a third in the other. Now throw that second bottle back and forth from hand to hand getting used to catching and throwing using this grip while constantly handling three bottles.

FBC_Video_ButtonThis Video clip will demonstrate the exercise. When practicing this move concentrate on not letting the bottles touch.

Once you have mastered this it’s time to kick it up a notch. Are you ready?

FBC_Video_ButtonThis time, after you release that first throw you are going to throw a second bottle from your receiving hand underneath the first bottle, then catch, and catch.

The video clip left explains this better than words ever could.

The moment you release the second bottle should be when the first is at the top of its arc.

FBC_Video_ButtonYou should practice that exercise starting with two bottles in your right hand and then practice it starting with two bottles in your left hand.

With juggling you can not afford to neglect practicing the same set of skills with each hand.

From here you will find that once you have that last exercise down it is only a matter of time until you throw that third bottle in as the last video clip demonstrates.

From here on out it’s a case of Practice, Practice, Practice. Happy Juggling!


If you cannot view the video on this page use the Quicktime link to download the necessary software.


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