Bartenders’ Shakedown 2023

 BARTENDERS’ SHAKEDOWN October 8-11, 2023

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The 1st Working Flair Bartending competition is back bigger! This multi-round multi-day open bartending competition takes place in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with 4 separate optional competitions for any style of bartender to compete in! Choose from one or multiple rounds to compete in the…

Accuracy Competition
Speed Competition
Cocktail Competition
Flair Bartending Competition

Three separate divisions for The Flair Bartending Competition with Pro, Advanced and Amateur division bartenders. This is a fun Flair competition with emphasis on Working Flair, Mixology and testing a Flair Bartender in a true working environment.

We are also adding 3 new competitions this year. The Accuracy Competition which will test the bartender’s free pouring and speed accuracy.

The Speed Competition which will test the bartender’s speed and bartending skills to knock out cocktails as fast, clean and accurately as possible.

The Cocktail Competition which will test the bartender’s skills in crafting an original cocktail and sharing the story behind it.

We are also very happy to announce the return of the Mixology Matters Cocktail Conference! Whether you are a cocktail enthusiast or any style of bartender… YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT! This event will be full of fun, Flair, features, Educational Seminars, Spirited Dinner, Sampling Stations, Games, Networking & More!

Join us for the “Bartenders’ Shakedown 2023” & “Mixology Matters Cocktail Conference” October 8-11, 2023.

This event is strictly 21 years of age and over and open to the public to attend and promises to be a fun and informative series of events!


Surrounding Airports:
West Palm Beach, Fl (PBI) approx 15 mins away.
Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL) approx 55 mins away.
Miami, FL (MIA) approx 1 & 1/2 hours away.


Host Hotel:
Palm Beach Gardens Marriott
4000 RCA Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
(561) 622-8888




1st Place: $1,000 + Trophy
2nd Place: $500 + Trophy
3rd Place: $250 + Trophy

1st Place: $1,000 + Trophy
2nd Place: $500 + Trophy
3rd Place: $250 + Trophy

1st Place: $1,000 + Trophy + Trip to Nicaragua for the Flor de Cana Sustainable Cocktail Challenge Finals
2nd Place: $500 + Trophy
3rd Place: $250 + Trophy


Flair Pro Division
1st Place: $1,500 + Trophy + IBA World Cocktail Championship 2024 representing the USBG
2nd Place: $1,000 + Trophy + IBA Pan-American Games 2024 representing the USBG
3rd Place: $500 + Trophy
4th Place: $250 + Trophy
5th Place: $125 + Trophy

Flair Advanced Division
1st Place: $250 + Trophy
2nd Place: $125 + Trophy
3rd Place: $100 + Trophy

Flair Amateur Division
1st Place: $250 + Trophy
2nd Place: $125 + Trophy
3rd Place: $100 + Trophy


FINEST CALL STALL: $100 + Trophy (Flair Round Competitors)

MOST ACCURATE BARTENDER: $100 + Trophy (Anyone in the room of the finals)

FINEST CALL FLIP & STALL CONTEST: $100 + Trophy (Anyone in the room of the finals)

Best Mixology Skills
1st Place: $250 + Trophy

People’s Choice Award (Any Competitor)
1st Place: $100 + Trophy

Most Honorable Bartender (Any Competitor)
1st Place: $100 + Trophy

Best Overall Competitor (From Overall Combined Rounds)
1st Place: $100 + Trophy

Top Female Competitor (From Overall Combined Rounds)
1st Place: $100 + Trophy

1st Place: $500 + Trophy

BEST SPONSORS PROMOTION AWARD (Open to any Flair Bartender Competitor Finalist)
1st Place: $250 + Trophy



FINEST CALL STALL: $100 + Trophy

Competition Date:
October 8-11, 2023


Competition Location:
Palm Beach Gardens Marriott
4000 RCA Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Yard Day Location:
Wednesday October 11, 2023

Lake Worth Beach
10 S Ocean Blvd
Lake Worth Beach, Florida 33460


Competition Outline:

We are also happy to announce this competition will serve as the United States Bartenders’ Guild IBA World Cocktail Championship Flair qualifier for 2024 with the overall 1st Place winner in the Pro division representing the United States and the United States Bartenders’ Guild in the IBA World Cocktail Championship in 2024 and 2nd place representing the United States and the United States Bartenders’ Guild in the  IBA Pan-American Games in 2024.

This competition will also serve as the Flor de Cana Florida qualifier for 2023 with the overall 1st Place winner in the Cocktail Competition representing our region in the Flor de Cana Sustainable Cocktail Challenge Finals in Nicaragua.



Jordan Mednick

DJ Kid Karter

Cocktail Network Live Anchorman
Dean Serneels

Ryan Cohen & 52 Chefs

VM Cesarphotography



Itinerary Sunday October 8th, 2023:

  • 5pm-9pm: Club Safari 10 Year+ Reunion
  • 9pm: Mandatory Competitor Meet & Greet and Official Competitor Meeting
    Palm Beach Gardens Marriott (Banyan Hall)
    4000 RCA Blvd
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Itinerary Monday October 9th, 2023:

  • 10am-7pm Mixology Matters Seminars Day #1 (Gardens Ballroom Salon D)
  • 11am: Judges Meeting
  • Noon-8pm: Qualifying Rounds (Banyan Hall)
  • 9pm: Spirited Dinner (Gardens Terrace)
  • Midnight: After Party

Itinerary Tuesday October 10th, 2023:

  • 10am-5pm Mixology Matters Seminars Day #2 (Gardens Ballroom Salon D)
  • 5pm: Competitors Finalists arrive (Banyan Hall)
  • 5-7pm Sponsored Happy Hour Sampling Stations (Banyan Hall)
  • 7pm-Midnight: Final Rounds (Banyan Hall)
  • Midnight: After party

Itinerary Wednesday October  11th, 2022:

Lake Worth Beach
10 S Ocean Blvd
Lake Worth Beach, Florida 33460

  • 1pm: Flairco Yard Day
  • 3pm: After Party Meetup



Registration is NOW OPEN!


Early Bird Registration Ends Sept 8, 2023



Please email contact@barwars.info with what rounds you are competing in and for Flair either Pro, Advanced or Amateur division along with first name, last name, T-Shirt size and phone number. after you make online payment.

Registration is non-refundable and on a first come, first serve basis.


Any competition questions can be emailed to contact@barwars.info with the subject “BSD Question” from a REGISTERED COMPETITOR and the question and answer will be posted below and is the competitor’s job to check this page daily to stay updated on new questions, answers & updates…



Q: “For the Accuracy Round and Pour Tests, are we pouring liquor or water?
A: Water.


Q: “For the Flair Round, what is the time limit for qualifying & finals?
A: Six minutes.


Q: The Spanish Long Island recipe will be only with Finest Call Singles Pressed Lemon? No simple simple syrup or any sweet ingredient?”
A: Correct.


Q: On my Specialty Cocktail can I use fresh Lemon juice and bottled in a clear bottle?
A: No,  because Finest Call makes Single Pressed Lemon juice and they are a sponsor, you would have to use Finest Call Single Pressed Lemon in its original bottle.

Q: “For Speed Contest, can Marg be shaken in the glass? Says shake and strain. Dirty dump ? ?
A: Because it says shake & strain, make in mixing tin with ice, shake & strain into tall glass with salt rim. No shake in glass and no dirty dump. Improper Procedure, Improper garnish, etc…


Q: “For Flair, What is the Free Pour bonus all about ?
A: The Free Pour is optional and will be drawn right before your round as the emcee is introducing you. The random pour will be one pour of either 1 12oz, 2oz or 1/2oz. If you decide to do the free pour you will either get a 10 point bonus for hitting accuractly, if you miss it it will be a 10 point deduction or if you decide not to do the optional free pour… nothing happens.

Q: “What does the Flairco Bar look like?
A: We will be using the Flairco Bar for the Accuracy, Speed & Flair Bartending Competition. Flor de Cana is bringing a bar for the Cocktail Competition. Please use the picture below for the Flairco Bar reference…



Q: Am I not seeing the bar layout/ schematic in the rules or website?
A: THANK YOU! I added the Speed Competition bar layout & Flair Bartending Competition bar layout on their respective Rules page. The Accuracy Competition you can setup the bottles in the Speed Rail any way you like as well rearrange the glassware on the bartop anyway you like. The Cocktail Competition you can setup anyway you like.


Q: For Flair, may I use Flor de Cana aged for my cocktail or is it only 12?
A: For your Specialty Cocktail? Yes, you just need to supply it and can set at any level.

Q: Familia!! Im practicing for the speed and accuracy round. Question the water on the bottles will be Purified,Filtered or Spring water????
A: Lol, the water for the Accuracy Competition and optional Accuracy Pour for Flair will be Palm Beach’s finest tap water. Speed round is real booze. ;-)

Q: Are qualifiers and finals the same amount to time?
A: For Flair, YES.

Q: So for the cocktail competition is the recipe for the qualifier due on the 9th and we’re not making it in front of a judge until the finals on the 10th? Or how is gonna go??
A:From the rules…

  • “Qualifying Judging: A committee of 3 judges will review each entry and score it based on the following criteria. The judges will select up to ten (1) Wild Card Finalists from this qualifying round to compete in the Florida finals.
  • a. Wild Card Spot Qualifying Judging Criteria:
    • Taste and Appearance: Up to 25 points
    • Sustainability Component: Up to 25 points
    • Cocktail Creativity: Up to 25 points
    • Story Behind the Cocktail: Up to 25 points
  • Notification of Wild Card Spot Finalist: TOTCF will notify the Wild Card Finalist at the Mixology Matters Spirited Dinner September 9th, 2023. The Wild Card Finalist may be required to complete and return a declaration of eligibility, a liability/publicity release, a current W-9, and an authorization to conduct a background check. TOTCF reserves the right (in its sole discretion) to disqualify a Semi-Finalist if the individual does not sign the necessary forms within five (5) days of the date notification is sent. If Wild Card Spot Finalist returns these documents on time, and in TOTCF’s sole discretion, passes the background check, they will be invited to participate in the Regional competitions in one (1) of three (3) cities in the United States.”

Qualifying will be on Monday October 9th for the (1) Wild Card Finalists from this qualifying round to compete in the Florida finals on October 10th.


 Q: What is the Whiskey for the Accuracy Contest & Flair Bartending Contest?
A: Slane Whiskey just came on board :-)

 Q: I apologize in advance. I know this question was asked before, but I am still confused. Is qualifiers just a recipe and a photo?? Or will qualifiers be presented in front of a judging panel? Part of the points are from taste and aroma, I don’t see how a photo can translate that for qualifiers.
A: Correct. Qualifying rounds are in person in front of judges.

 Q:For speed round, can I use my own ice scoop? And also can I pre-ice the ice scoop?
A: Yes and Yes.



Q: For speed round, is the orange & cherry flag already pre-flagged or we can do it before the time starts? 
A: Yes, it is pre-flagged.



Q: For flair round, can I start with sponsor bottles on the bar top and display them on the that top after I’m done using them or non of the sponsor bottles can be on the bar top?
A: Bottles start below bartop and end below bartop.



Q: For flair round, is the Spanish LIT dirty dump or it is shake and strain or can we do any of those two procedures?
A: Either is fine as it says “Shake with ice”.



Q: For flair round, can I use fresh orange juice? 
A: Yes as Finest Call doesn’t make Orange juice.



Q: For the free pour in the flair round, can I use my own bottle and my own 285-50 pour spout if I decide to do it?

A: You can use your own pour spout but has to be our bottle to be fair to everyone.


Q: Do we are obligated to flair with all sponsors or can i just breeze tru the Long Island and focus on my show routine?

A: You can compete how ever you like, scoring wise is a different story. You are being judged on your whole routine, not just part of it. The sponsors are the ones who pay for these events to happen. Some of these sponsors are your judges which by “breeze tru” your first drink might not score you as high in some of the categories that you might score higher in another. It’s up to you how you choose to compete.



Q: What is the Best Sponsors Promotion Award just added?


A: We are giving away $250 + Trophy to the Flair Bartending competitor with the Best Sponsors Promotion in their Finals round.


Q: And quick question on classic cocktail is that any store bought syrups not finest call or real???

A:For the Flor de Cana Cocktail Contest Only…  no store bought syrups, processed ingredients or products. Each ingredient must meet at least one of the following criteria: Fair Trade certified, seasonal, locally produced, and/or derived from food waste or zero waste.


Q: How many competitors are going to finals?

A: Everyone will find out who and how many at the Spirited Dinner on Monday October 9th at 9pm. The only thing announced so far is the 1 Wild Card spot for the Cocktail Competition Finals from the Qualifying Cocktail Competition.



Q: “Can i keep glasses this way? For accuracy round? Its my setup now i m practicing with Is it possible to make it this way or not?

A: Yes, you can rearrange the bottles in the speed well any way you want.

Yes, you can rearrange the glassware on the bartop anyway you want. I don’t know why you want to start with the glassware stacked and face down when you don’t have to? I would arrange them so you could pour right into them.
Speed is where glassware and tins start face down. Not accuracy ;-)



Q:So i can start like this?

A: Yes you can do that.


Q: “One more time, not so clear for me…Should i use mixing glass for old fashioned or i stir it straight in a serving glass?

A: From the website “Procedure: Combine ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Stir & serve.” Use a Mixing glass.


Q: “Also question: how many times i need to shake margarita to make it proper

And the same question with stir (How long it should be)?

A: Great Question! Shake just needs to be at least 1 full shake, stir just needs to be 1 full stir.


Q:Can i use my shakers/ strainer/ spoon?

A: Yes.


Q:Bevnap its a coster or napkin?

A: Haven’t bought them yet but planning on napkin.


Q:And napkins, is it goin to be in organizer or i can keep it in my hand before starting?

A: Start with nothing in your hands, the bevnaps will in in an straw caddy organizer as described on the Speed Competition Bar Layout. You can move the straw caddy and garnish tray as long a it stays below the bartop.


Q: “For Flair, Can I use spots 12, 13, 15 & 16 for my bottles to re-arange them as well as utilize my speed rail?

A: From the rules: “Bartenders can rearrange the bottles in the speed well & glassware any way they want as long as the glassware starts/finishes on bartop and bottles start/finishes below the bartop.” So YES that would be ok.


Q: “For Flair, can we pre-ice or glassware & tins as well as pregarnish our specialty cocktail if we like?

A: Yes, but you CAN NOT  pre-garnish or pre-ice your Spanish Long Island Iced Tea,  just your Specialty Cocktail.


Q: “For the Speed Round, if we miss the the 1 1/2oz neat pour of Patron Anejo is there a deduction?”

A: No deduction for this round, just a possible +5 second bonus.


Q: “For the Speed Round, can we strain with the cheater tin?”

A: Yes, you can use that or a strainer.


Q: For speed round, in the procedure for the Oaxaca Old Fashioned says stir and serve, we do not need to strain the cocktail, correct?

A: Answered above but Strain the cocktail as it’s made in a mixing glass. I’ll update the procedure to be more clear. “Procedure: Combine ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Stir & strain.” Use a Mixing glass.


Q: For speed round, can I use my own napkins or coasters?

A: No.


Q: Just to confirm, all 4 competitions have qualifying on Monday…. Accuracy, Speed, Cocktail & Flair?

A: Yes.






If you would like specialty garnishes, ice or salts delivered to the event, Please reach out to one of our event sponsors at







Good Luck!

All rules are subject to change without notice and it is the competitor’s responsibility to check this page daily for updates as well as attend the Competitor Meet & Greet on Sunday October 9th at 9pm for any updates.

All competition questions will be answered from REGISTERED COMPETITORS by emailing “contact@barwars.info” with the subject “BSD Question” and then the answer will be posted at the bottom on the Bartenders’ Shakedown Main Page.

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