Cocktail Art Challenge 2024

In honor of the second NATIONAL FLAIR BARTENDER’S DAY on June 10, 2024 we welcome you back to the Cocktail Art Challenge, where we challenge you to create your best cocktail art while entertaining us on stage with the art of Flair for the crowd and the judges. What will you create?





Pro Division 1st Place: $1,500 + Trophy

2nd Place: $1,000 + Trophy

3rd Place: $500 + Trophy

4th Place: $250 + Trophy

5th Place: $125 + Trophy


Advanced Division

1st Place: $500 + Trophy

2nd Place: $250 + Trophy

3rd Place: $100 + Trophy


Amateur Division

1st Place: $250 + Trophy

2nd Place: $125 + Trophy

3rd Place: $100 + Trophy

FINEST CALL STALL: $100 + Trophy

MOST ACCURATE BARTENDER: $100 + Trophy (Open to anybody on site that wants to compete)


FLAIR YARD DAY CONTESTS (Tuesday June 11th Open to everybody)



Competition Date: June 9-11, 2024

Competition Location:

Biergarten Boca Raton

309 Via de Palmas

Unit 90

Boca Raton, Fl 33432

Yard Day Location:

Tuesday June 13, 2023.

Lake Worth Beach

10 S Ocean Blvd

Lake Worth Beach, Florida 33460


Competition Outline:

Competitors will be challenged on Working Flair, Accuracy and original Cocktail Creations with the best Flair performance on stage as judging points will be based on 50% Mixology & 50% Flair with a possible 10 point accuracy bonus.


Pro Division
1. Manny Picon (Miami, FL)
2. Mike Hastings (Nashville, TN)
3. Lorenzo Garcia (Brownsville, TX)
4. Kristof Vandenabeele (Antwerp, Belgium)
5. Joseph Chavarria (Managua, Nicaragua)
6. CJ Hamm (Orlando, FL)
7. Adrian Reyes (Orlando, FL)
8. Jean Manuel Griman Linares (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
9. Mariano Gil (Brownsville, TX)
10. Chad Tocco (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
11. Hector Rangel (Cancun, MX)
12. Jeff “Flip” Fralich (Saint Petersburg, FL)
Advanced Division
1. Christian Romero (San Antonio, TX)
2. Jed Myers (Orlando, FL)
3. Roberto Treviño (San Antonio, TX)
4. Eduardo Lazarte (Rosario, Argentina)
5. Rachel Lochte (Justin, TX)
6. Carlos Mogollon (Barquisimeto, Venezuela)
Amateur Division
1. Alejandro Flores (Salt Lake City, UT)
2. Alejandro Pabón Borrero (??,??)
3. Abel Salinas (Bardonia, NY)
4. Marissa Holt (Marmora, NJ)
5. Jesse Perez (Kalamazoo, MI)

Emcee: JD Spradlin

DJ: Kid Karter

Cocktail Network Live Anchor: Kevin Gibbons & Jules Aron

Photography:Ryan Cohen

Videography: VM Cesarphotography

Itinerary Itinerary Sunday June 9th, 2024:

  • 8pm: Competitor Meet & Greet and Official Competitor Meeting with Sponsor Education Biergarten Boca Raton 309 Via de Palmas Unit 90 Boca Raton, Fl 33432
    First ones there that completly fill out their paperwork gets to choose what order they would like to compete in.

Itinerary Monday June 10th, 2024:

Itinerary Tuesday June 11th, 2025:

  • 3pm: Flair Yard Day on Lake Worth Beach 10 S Ocean Blvd Lake Worth, FL 33460 On the grass between the pavilions.


Registration $100/$75/$50: Please email events@barwars.info with either Pro, Advanced or Amateur division along with first name, last name, phone number, where you live, instagram handle & 3 good quality pictures of you Flairing for your flyer after you make online payment.

First competitors in the Pro Division, Advanced Division  and in the Amateur Division to sign up first, secure their spot before registration closes. Registration is non-refundable and on a first come, first serve basis.


Pro Division (SOLD OUT) $100


Advanced Division (SOLD OUT) $75


Amateur Division (SOLD OUT) $50


TICKETS $10 VIP $50 VIP TABLE FREE GENERAL ADMISSION https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cocktail-art-challenge-2024-tickets-882220293647


Any questions can be emailed to contact@bartendbetternow.com and the question and answer will be posted below and is the competitors job to check this page daily to stay updated…



Q: “When will the full list of Sponsors be published?


A: As soon as its ready. More will be posted by May 10th if not sooner.

UPDATE: Rules published.

UPDATE: Looks like there are email problems with the events@barwars.info email for some reason. Please send all questions to contact@bartendbetternow.com and the question and answer will be posted here and is the competitors job to check this page daily to stay updated…

Q: What is the square footage of space we will have on stage to perform?”


A: We won’t know the final answer until after the Meet & Greet when we are setting up the stage as things could change but it should be similar to what the setup was last year which was roughly 12′ wide by 5′ deep with plenty of ceiling height. Picture below for reference from last year.



Q: What is considered the zone for a succesfull freepour please?

A: Great question, before the competitor’s round the competitor will randomly choose one of three free pours written on paper and pulled from a tin consisting of 1 1/2oz, 1/2oz or 2oz. Then the competitor will have the option whether they want to attempt the free pour at anytime during their round for the bonus or pass.

The device we will be using is a PourCheck from BarProducts.com to measure the free pours made with the designated bottle of water during the round. We will use the meniscus of the water pour and as long as the competitors liquid does not touch the line above or below it is a  good pour, if not is not a good pour.


Q: Can I make alcoholic homemade ingredients or only NA homemade ingredients?”


A: No homemade alcoholic ingredients are allowed, only homemade non-alcoholic ingredients that do not compete against any of the sponsors. For example… non-competing teas, foams, waters, caviar, etc… are acceptable.

Q: Where can I buy the Real Red Pepper?


A: You can order from your local Reàl Infused Exotics supplier. In South Florida, they are Breakthru Beverage or Cheney Brothers. You can always order yourself online from Amazon or directly from  https://www.realingredients.com/.

Q: Where can I buy Finest Call Lemon Single press?”


A: You can order from your local Finest Call supplier. In South Florida, they are Breakthru Beverage or Cheney Brothers. You can always order yourself online from Amazon or directly from  https://www.finestcall.com/.


Q: Can I bring and use my home made Tea syrup in my specialty non label bottle for my signature cocktail?


A: Yes, as long as it does not compete against any of the sponsors. Competitors may utilize any non-alcoholic homemade ingredients, juices, egg whites, aqua faba, etc… in Competitor Choice bottles. Competitor choice bottles
are clear unlabeled bottles for ingredients listed above and only if it’s in your recipe for your specialty cocktail. No electrical tape, not tinted glass, no stickers, no distinguishing marks or elements, … “clear unlabeled bottles” only.


UPDATED the rules on this to be a little more clear.

Q: The commercial deadlines still say September 27th?


A: Thank You for catching that typo at the beginning example. Correct everywhere else but there. Fixed and updated in the rules.


Q: Homemade Tinctures or Homemade Bitters will be considered Alcoholic Homemade ingredient or Can be use as long we make it and bring it?

A: Correct, traditionally Homemade Bitters & Homemade Tinctures would be an alcoholic product and WOULD NOT be allowed to use in this event. However… if you made Homemade bitters with Glycerin that is non-alcoholic like Fee Brother’s bitters does you WOULD be able to use that. ;-)


Link below to one I used before I bought off Amazon…


Q: Can you pre rim your glasses as well as pre ice?


A: YES, you may pre-garnish as well if you wanted.


Q:At least 1.5oz combined sponsor spirits,”each drink or all 4?


A: Each Specialty Cocktail.


Q:If we bring it ourself , can we use any rendering of plantasia or whatever it’s called now?


A: Once the bar layout is posted, then if you wanted to bring an additional skew from the sponsor brand (non-infused but bottle with good looking label in tact and no electrical tape, stickers, distinguishing marks, etc…) not on the layout but part of the sponsor brand like Planteray Cut & Dry for example then YES… and you could set that additional bottle to any amount since its not on the bar layout and it would count towards 1 of your 2  minimum 2 sponsors for your Specialty Cocktail.

Q:Can the Fundador bottle be set more than 1oz or is another bottle necessary if I’m using that in my specialty drink?


A: There will be 2 bottles of Fundador Brandy on the bar layout for this reason. One set to 1oz and second set to half full.


Q:Can we use any gin or whiskey since there isn’t a brand in the rules?


A: For Gin it says “*Brand to be announced”. There will be a gin sponsor and announced as soon as the paperwork is signed. For Whiskey you may use any whiskey in its original bottle (non-infused but bottle with good looking label in tact and no electrical tape, stickers, distinguishing marks, etc…).



Q:Can we use the older bottles of plantary rum that say plantation still? That’s all my liquor stores have?


A: We are still waiting to see if we are getting the Planteray or Plantation rum bottles from the brand. They are trying their best to get us the new labels. You may however use Plantation bottles for any Planteray Rum bottles not being supplied or on the bar layout. For example Plantation XayMaca as that is not being supplied.


We will be providing Planteray/ Plantation (Depending what they give us) 3 Star, Dark, Stiggins Fancy Pineapple and OFTD with the bottles they give us. So you may use a different skew of Palntation Rum if you like.


Q:For the fundador brandy, I know there’s gonna be 2 set up on the bar, but in the rules under the Spanish lit it says fundador brandy set to 1 ounce. Can we just use that one for the Spanish lit or do we have to use the half full one? Or can we use either?


A: Yes, you may use either one. We tried to make it a little easier with having one Fundador Brandy bottle set to 1oz for your Spanish LIT while also having another bottle of Fundador Brandy set to half full if you needed more for your Specialty Cocktail, but you can use either bottle if you like.


Q:I’m planning on using fundador as one my sponsors for my cocktail, does it have to be the sherry cask fundador or can I use another fundador as long as it’s fundador?


A: Yes, as long as its Fundador Brandy in its original bottle (non-infused but bottle with good looking label in tact and no electrical tape, stickers, distinguishing marks, etc.) it can be any sku from the brandy to count towards one of the spirit sponsors for your Specialty Cocktail that you supply and can be set to any level.

Q:In the rules, under prizes it states the Yard day is June 13th.  It is the 11th right?.Also, for letting you know about props so you want that info as a deadline by June 3rd as well?


A: Yes, you are correct… Yard Day is June 11th. Updating the rules now. Send over what you props and what you’re planning on doing so we can access. It’s mainly to make sure it will be safe for the competitor and others around them.


Q:I didn’t see any deductions for missing drinks, just missing ingredients unless I am blind. Will the deductions for missing ingredients compound if the drink is not finished?  (So IE:  the time expires and the drink is not finished because I have not garnished the Spanish Long Island or added a tall straw, but everything else is done… would that be a  10 point deduction instead of an incomplete cocktail? ). I guess I am confused because in the past a lot of people (Including me) did not finish their drinks in 5 minutes and there was a hefty deduction.


A: Yes, you are correct in your example for the Spanish Long Island Ice Tea, a missing tall straw and missing lemon wedge would be a 10 point deduction as each missing ingredient is compounded for each cocktail . Where the deduction comes into play now for a missing drink that isn’t poured or finished is on the Mixology judges side as it effects your PRESENTATION as well as TASTE & AROMA scores. This way you are not being deducted for a “MISSING DRINK” deduction on top of effecting your PRESENTATION & TASTE & AROMA score as well. You would still be deducted for missing ingredients.

As always, Rule #1… FINISH YOUR DRINKS. Rule #2… attempt a Finest Call on stage. 2 biggest deductions besides DQ.


Q:For the yard day 3 bottle juggle can we use our own flair bottles or do they have to be the Flairco bottles that you will have there?


A: Yes, we encourage you to bring your own plastic bottles, Finest Call bottles, water and tins to the yard day. As long as the plastic bottles are not doctored in any way to give you an unfair advantage then YES we encourage you to use your own.


UPDATED the Bar Layout & Gin sponsor to the rules.

UPDATED as it was a little confusing in the rules…

The only Spirit Sponsor bottles supplied on stage are the half full ones on the bar schematic. Competitors MAY supply additional Spirit Sponsor bottles with good labels with no electrical tape or additional stickers set to any amount to use for the Specialty cocktail only with a minimum of 1/2oz of Liqour in each bottle. The Working Flair cocktail must be made with the supplied half full bottles and any Fundador Brandy bottle.

UPDATED rules to reflect above update.

Q:Can we setup the front bar with the Tall glass for the SLIIT already on the top of the bar? Or we have to take it from the back bar as shown in the layout?


A: Yes, good question. You will be giving an additional tall glass for your front bar for your Spanish Long Island Iced Tea, the ones shown on the backbar are for backups just in case.

UPDATE Since Planteray Rum is still transitioning over from Plantation Rum and not all of the new labels have hit all of the markets yet, if you would like to use the Plantation Rum label instead of the Planteray Rum label for your 30 sec video or additional bottles you supply for your Sponsor Specialty Cocktail that is ok.


Good luck to all of the competitors!