A look back at 2014…

Updated: January 15, 2015


FBC_Intro_strip_1-15In this month’s issue we take a look back at 2014 and reflect on all it had to offer. There were some great and not so great things that happened in the world of bartending this past year. Although we can learn from the not so great ones… we are going to focus on some of the positive stuff and showcase it in our Flairbar.com “Best of 2014″ issue.

This is where we asked you, our loyal Flairbar.com readers to vote on your favorites from our 2014 issues. We thank you for taking a few moments out of your day (or night for some of you just waking up after a long night last night) and letting your voices be heard.

So I present to you, our loyal Flairbar.com readers… your Flairbar.com “Best of 2014″ winners…


We start with our “Best of 2014″ Interview from our March 2014 issue with 27.27% of the votes…  Vahe Manoukian with “Stepping out of the Shadow”. Vahe is a fun bartender behind the bar and on stage as well. Get to know all of that and more all on our Interviews‘ page.


Next we have our “Best of 2014″ Comp Review from our December 2014 issue with 40.00% of the votes…  to Las Vegas for the “LVFA Margaritaville World Flair Bartending Championship” with Sir Raminad Ong and his coverage of this awesome event on our ‘Comp Reviews‘ page. Jugglers, Cocktails and Flair bartenders… Oh my!


Then we have our “Best of 2014″ Article from our April 2014 issue with 33.33% of the votes… “Love me two times” by Chris CardoneChris shares with us how he fell in love with bartending twice.  All on our ‘Articles‘ page. What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you have an article you would like to share…? Message us on our  Flairbar.com Facebook page and lets discuss. :-)


Moving on, we have our “Best of 2014″ Masterclass from our December 2104 issue with 33.33% of the votes…  Danilo Oribe teaching us a quick bottle and two tin Working Flair sequence on our Masterclass‘ page for you to use behind the bar or at your next competition. Congrats brother! :-)

Then we have our “Best of 2014″ Flavors from our July 2014 issue with 36.84% of the votes… “Egg White Cocktails” from Kris Bahamondes to help you build upon your already ever growing cocktail list, all on our Flavors page. The odds were Kris was probably going to win this category. ;-)

Next we have our “Best of 2014″ Flairmation from our July 2014 issue with 35.00% of the votes… “USBG World Cocktail Championship 2014″ on our Flairmation page. In this issue Freddy is missing the USBG World Cocktail Championship USA 2014 because of work and finds a solution not to miss all of the action! :-)

Our “Best of 2014″ Barware comes from our February 2014 issue with 26.32% of the votes… “Tinplay Saves the Day!”. These multi-function bar tools were a hit with our readers and we look forward to what else may come down the road from these creative individuals.

Finally we have our “Best of 2014″ And Finally page from our November teaser with 45.00% of the votes… “Professional Flair Bartender VS Professional Juggler: Danilo Oribe VS Doug Sayers”. All on our And Finallypage, this was a great showcase from Doug Sayers and Danilo Oribe showing the difference between Professional Jugglers and Professional Flair Bartenders while showcasing they both promote ENTERTAINMENT! Well done & congrats gentlemen!

All of that plus our regular features, more pages, and more Flair than you can shake a 2014 calendar at.  ;-)

So take some time out and enjoy a Finest Call cocktail as you flip a Flairco bottle into a BarProducts tin and enjoy this months issue of Flairbar.com and say “Thank You” to the sponsors who keep our sport alive.
To Flair & Friends.

Rob Husted


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