Herbal Mixology By LAURENT GRECO of Bar Academy Paris www.baracademy.net Photos by LORAN DEHRINES

Updated: April 1, 2010


2 1/2oz Floral wine (tariquet white)
1/2oz Monin Lavender Syrup
2 eatable flower of primevere
Method: In a champagne glass put 2 eatable flower of PRIMEVERE, then place a slice of orange to close the glass. Then combine 2 1/2oz Floral wine (tariquet white), 1/2oz Monin Lavender Syrup into a tin with ice. Shake and strain into the top of the champagne glass.
Garnish: A smile :-)



1 1/4oz COURVOISIER XO cognac
1oz Ginger Ale
2 spoons on Acacia Honey
2 eatable flower of Capucine
1 slice of Fresh Ginger
Method: In a tall glass muddle 1 slice of fresh ginger and 2 eatable flower of capucine. Combine 1 1/4oz COURVOISIER XO cognac, 1oz Ginger Ale and 2 spoons on Acacia Honey. Mix and fill with crushed ice.
Garnish: 2 Capucine flowers.







1 1/4oz Bacardi rum
1oz Perrier water
3 flowers of BEGONIA
2 spoons of brown sugar
1/4oz Lemon juice
Method: In a tall glass muddle 3 flowers of BEGONIA, 2 spoons of brown sugar and 1/4oz Lemon juice. Combine 1 1/4oz Bacardi rum and 1oz Perrier water  into glass.  Mix and fill with crushed ice. Enjoy.
Garnish: 2 Begonia flowers.








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