Updated: June 1, 2004

Welcome back one and all.

BeachThe last month has been insane! It started with a simple plan, which was to go to Bartenders Bash at Islamorada in the Florida Keys and try to get all the footage we need for this months edition while we were down there.

Much to our disappointment we found ourselves distracted by cocktails, beer, sun, sea, sex, beaches, hundreds of bartenders going nuts, a sand bar, an inflatable tub (see the ‘And Finally’ page for more on that), topless chicks and o-yeah a Flair competition.

It didn’t take long for our plan to fall apart at the seams as we got swept up in the craziness that is Bartenders Bash, Islamorada.

For those of you who have never been we have a full on review of the overall event on our ‘Reviews’ page. But be warned once you read you will be reaching for your wallet and doshing out the cash for a one way ticket to the Keys.

MauroWe managed to stay sober just long enough to cover the Bartender Skills competition for our ‘Comp Review’ this month. Which as Rob H. puts it, is a great place to spot a future star of the Flair world and this year was no exception.

New kid on the block, Nicholas ‘Nico’ Antivero blew the crowd (and competition) away on a wind swept beach stage and was kind enough to share his thoughts with us for our ‘Interviews’ page straight after his spectacular win.


TonyKey Lime Coladas were the tipple of fancy. We thought lets bring the party back home and crank up those blenders.

So join us on the ‘Flavors’ page and make yourself one of these drinks, raise your hurricane and toast to a long hot summer.

Even though we didn’t get all of the material we had wanted to down at the Bash. We decided to continue the summertime theme this month throughout the site.


RobSo check out the babes with bottles in ‘Femme Fatales of Flair’ and hear what chicks that flip have to say on the subject of performance bartending.

And for those of you that like to be told what to do by a woman go to the ‘Masterclass’ for a lesson by ‘Flairin’ Erin Connelly.

With so much cool stuff packed into one web site it’s enough to make you loose your knickers. However, if you do then go straight to our ‘Barware’ page and pick up a spare pair.

All of this plus our regular features, more ‘Links’, more in the ‘Glossary’ more ‘Upcoming comps’ and more Flair than you can shake a Flairco plastic stick at.


skyySo take a break, kick back and enjoy the site. As Ferris Bueller once said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop once in a while you might miss it.”

Rock on.






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