Sweet & Sour Delights – By Kris Bahamondes USBG Palm Beach

Updated: March 1, 2014

-2 oz. Cranberry-infused Mezcal
-.5 oz. fresh lemon juice
-1 oz. Finest Call Agave
I like to call this a “gateway” cocktail. It’s a great way for you to try your hand at simple infusions and the perfect cocktail to recommend a first-time mezcal drinker. The tart and sweet cranberries smooth out the smokey mezcal.
Procedure: This infusion is as simple as grabbing a bottle of your favorite smokey-mezcal and adding a handful of store bought dried cranberries. We use dried cranberries to control our abv while adding all of the essential oils and flavors to the spirit. Infuse your tequila for approximately 3 days. Use more cranberries to speed up the process. Once you strain the cranberries you are ready to mix. Add 2 oz.’s Cranberry-infused mezcal, .5 oz. fresh lemon juice, .5 oz. Finest Call Agave to a mixing glass. Fill your mixing glass with ice and shake vigorously. Strain your mixture a rocks glass over an XL cube if you have one.
Garnish: Fresh lemon peel, cut into a “Pikachu” tail.



FBC_Cocktail_March_2014bCLASSIC DAQUIRI
-2 oz. Tanduay Silver Rum
-1 oz. of fresh lime juice
-1 oz. of Finest Call Bar Syrup
- 5 dashes of Fee Bros. Orange blossom water
If you read my piece last month you saw our wild-flower ice sphere. Another fun way to present a flower is to float it on a cocktail. You can lay it over a thin lime wheel or float it right on the drink. Either way it’s sure to be an impressive visual statement.
Here we’ve used our flower garnish on one of the best forgotten cocktails, the classic dacquiri. Throw away your frozen/blended pool-side sludge and step into refined elegance. The classic dacquiri is a timeless expression of any spirit and will become your instant favorite.
Procedure: In a mixing glass mix 2 oz.’s Tanduay Silver Rum, 1 oz. , 1 oz  of fresh lime juice, 1 oz. of Finest Call Bar Syrup and 5 dashes of Fee Bros. Orange blossom water. Fill your mixing glass with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled coupe glass.
Garnish: A thinly sliced lime wheel and edible flower.




FBC_Cocktail_March_2014cBERRY TEA SMASH
-1 oz. Bulleit Rye Whiskey
-1 oz of Dancing Pines Chai Tea Liqueur
-1 oz of fresh lemon juice
-1 oz of Finest Call Bar Syrup
-1 oz of mixed berry purée

The first time I tasted Dancing Pines chai tea liqueur I knew I had found something special. The flavor is distinctly chai; sweet and creamy. Here I’ve paired the chai with Spicy rye whiskey and tart mixed berries. The combination is delightfully refreshing and a great way to convert any non-whiskey drinkers you may know. Garnish with a blueberry spear and you’re ready to go.
Procedure: In a mixing glass add 1 oz of Bulleit Rye Whiskey, 1 oz of Dancing Pines chai tea liqueur, 1 oz of fresh lemon juice, 1 oz of Finest call bar syrup and 1 oz of mixed berry purée. Add ice to your mixing glass and shake vigorously. Strain your chilled cocktail into a rocks glass over fresh ice.
Garnish: With a bar skewer and 3-5 berries.


Kris Bahamondes
USBG|Palm Beach Chapter


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