Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2014 Highlights

Updated: March 1, 2014

Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2014 Highlights

The “Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2014” competition was held on January 16th 2014 at “Olympic Voodoo Casino“ in Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija, 55 Elizabetes street in the city of Riga, Latvia. “Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2014” is a part of World Flair Association’s Grand Slam 2014.

Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2014 had a qualification round and the finals. Time limit was 4 minutes for the qualification round and 6 minutes for the finals. Each participant  had to make 2 cocktails. One is to be done using working Flair technique and the other – using exhibition Flair technique (drink recipe regulations are provided further in the rules). General sponsors of the event were “Olympic Casino Latvia”. Supporters – “Monin”, Latvian Bartenders Federation, bartending.lv.

For those of you who missed this event… Here are some of the highlights from this well executed event.

Tomek Malek – 1st PLACE

Luca Valentin – 2nd PLACE

Alexander Shtifanov – TIED FOR 3rd PLACE

Marek Posluzhny - TIED FOR 3rd PLACE

Vaclav Abraham – 5th PLACE

Rapolas Vareika -6th PLACE

Tom Dyer – 7th PLACE

Manuel Weiser – 8th PLACE

Deniss Trifanovs – 9th PLACE

Alex Gostilovsky – 10th PLACE



Here was the qualifying competitors…

Running order

Nr. Name, Surname Country
1 Tomek Malek Poland
2 Alexey Balashov Russia
3 Tarmo Piir Estonia
4 Andrea Messina Italy
5 Mikko Hissa Finland
6 Andrea Antonio Lombardo Italy
7 Alexandre Shtifanov Russia
8 Matteo Melara Italy
9 Max Bradarsky Bulgaria
10 Toru Ariyoshi Japan
11 Vaclav Abraham Czech Republic
12 Gorkem Harp Turkey
13 Filip Ciszkowski Poland
14 Eugene Sorokin Russia
15 Danilo Levato Italy
16 Alex Gostilovsky Russia
17 Evgeniy Oleynikov Russia
18 Marco Sdrubolini Italy
19 Jumbles St Pierre UK
20 Vladimir Surikov Russia
21 Marian Chmel Slovakia
22 Daniel Arvai Finland
23 Alexandre Vozhniuk Ukraine
24 1st Blank N/a
25 Rapolas Vareika Lithuania
26 Naty Peralta Argentina
27 Michal Novak Czech Republic
28 Marco Melis Italy
29 Giacomo Bertolotti Italy
30 Deniss Trifanovs Latvia
31 Slava Gazukin Russia
32 Nico Valimaki Finland
33 Stefano Saccheta Italy
34 Manuel Weiser Italy
35 Ravshan Nuraliev Uzbekistan
36 Marek Posluzhny Poland
37 2nd Blank N/a
38 Evgeniy Yakovenko Ukraine
39 Elizaveta Soboleva Ukraine
40 Miika Mehtio Finland
41 Nikolay Kazakov Russia
42 Andrej Bars Borisik Belarus
43 Slava Belyakov Russia
44 Tom Dyer UK
45 3rd Blank N/a
46 Luca Valentin Romania
47 Carmine Liguori Italy
48 Alex Searle UK
49 Giulia Mantovelli Italy
50 Alex Waeber Switzerland
51 Tigran Sharoyan Armenia
52 Edgar Suvaryan Armenia
53 Tarik Lotfi Morocco
54 Agnieszka Bochniak Poland
55 Andrew Korolev Russia
56 Marco Corgnati Italy
57 Akim Dagdzhiev Ukraine
58 Vitaly Kolpin Russia
59 Dmitrii Ocherednik Russia
60 Tony Olivero Germany


and the waiting list…

Waiting List

Dario Di Carlantonio Italy
Marian Chmel Slovakia
Pedro Garcy Spain
Anton Gorokhov Russia
Sinisa Novkovic Croatia
Giancarlo Apaza Peru
Arturas Grigorjevas Lithuania
Edgar Suvaryan Armenia
Deniss Smirnovs Latvia
Evgeniy Yakovenko Ukraine
Alberto Timarco Italy
Matteo Melara Italy
Tomasz Malinowski Poland
Anthony Ventrella Italy
Roberta Giuliano Italy
Luca De Doonato Italy
Andrew Korolev Russia
Nikolay Kazakov Russia
Maciek Szymanski Poland
Milana Kurs Belarus
Alexander Nikitenko Ukraine
David Suga Hungary
Mikey Holes UK
Vaidas Vaitkevicus Lithuania
Kamil Szuchalski Poland
Alexandr Lyapunov Russia
Gennady Nikanchik Belarus
Ivan Usov Russia


I don’t know about you… but I’m definitely looking forward to this event next Year!


For more info on the event you can CLICK HERE!

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