Mixology Rules


  June 27, 2017

This part of the event is open to competitors, spectators and drinkers alike. The Bartenders’ Shakedown Mixology Contest will not be part of the Flair scoring for the Bartenders’ Shakedown Flair scoring. This is a fun and free event to watch to appreciate some of our fine sponsors Finest Call, Simply Squeeze Reàl infused syrups & Ketel One Vodka to see how they “mix” with original cocktails.

For the first round, contestants will be asked to submit four (4) of the same cocktails using at least one each of the following Simply Squeeze Reàl infused syrups & Ketel One Vodka. Recipes will be submitted in writing and then prepared on camera. Then the same four (4) cocktails will be judged on Taste, Originality and Presentation. The top four winners will be announced and compete in the finals.

The rules are simple… each contestant will have 6 minutes (Judges discretion) to prepare their four (4) identical & original cocktails on camera using our Flairco portable bar. Each drink must consist of at least of Ketel One Vodka and Simply Squeeze Reàl infused syrup and whatever ingredients you like. Each Cocktail must contain at least 1oz Ketel One Vodka and 1/2oz Simply Squeeze Reàl infused syrup combined products with whatever you like. No home made syrups, tinkturs, bitters, etc… will be permitted unless the complete recipe and procedure of each product is listed on your recipe card. If you need special ingredients, glassware, garnishes or prepping we suggest you bring them yourself and do it ahead of time. The only glassware we will provide will be rocks, tall and coupe glasses. So bring your own glassware if you like to be creative. Only one recipe per contestant for qualifying.

4 (four) finalists will be chosen from the qualifying round and they will compete Wednesday Night in a cocktail battle for the judges and their chance to win the fame, money and trophy of the Bartenders’ Shakedown Mixology Contest Champion!

We will be providing…


Ketel One Vodka
Ketel One Citroen
Ketel One Oranje


Coco Real
Raspberry Reàl
Blueberry Reàl
Peach Reàl
Agave Reàl
Strawberry Reàl
Ginger Reàl
Pumpkin Reàl
Passion Fruit Reàl
Black Cherry Reàl
Pineapple Reàl
Apple Reàl
Kiwi Reàl


Finest Call Premium Juice Lemon Sour
Finest Call Premium Juice Lime Sour
Finest Call Premium Juice Citrus Sour
Finest Call Premium Blood Orange Sour
Finest Call Premium Grapefruit Sour
Finest Call Single Pressed Lime Juice
Finest Call Single Pressed Lemon Juice
Finest Call Sugar Syrup
Finest Call Mai Tai
Finest Call Premium Mojito Mix
Finest Call
Finest Call
Orgeat Syrup
Finest Call Triple Sec
Finest Call Zesty Bloody Mary

(You may use any other Finest Call product you like).


Myschyf Hemp liqueur

We also will be providing Limes, orange juice, cranberry juice, Sprite and Coke. We keep the extra ingredients low, because we encourage you to bring your own creativity to the table by bringing your own ingredients, fruits, herbs, syrups, foams, etc…
The Bartenders’ Shakedown Mixology Contest Qualifying Round will be out of 50 points total. You will be judged on Originality (15 Points), Presentation (15 Points) and Taste (20 Points).

JUNE 28, 2017

The Bartenders’ Shakedown Contest Finals will be out of 120 points total. You will be judged on Bartending Skills (20 points), Originality (20 Points), Presentation (20 Points), Secret Ingredients Showcased (20 Points), Drink Name (20 Points) and Taste (20 Points).

Only the top four competitors from qualifying will advance to the Bartenders’ Shakedown Mixology Contest Finals. The competitors are encouraged to bring in their own tools for this round but may not use any of their own ingredients not supplied for this round. All four competitors will be competing at the same time on stage during this round over three heats. Each contestant will be asked to prepare an original cocktail based on the mystery ingredients they will be presented with each heat.

When the round starts, all of the competitors will open the basket on their bar top to reveal the mystery ingredients for that heat. Each competitor will have the same mystery ingredients. From that point the competitors will have 10 minutes to each make four (4) of the same cocktail utilizing their mystery ingredients to the best of their ability.

At the end of the 10 minutes, their cocktails will be tasted and judged by the judges with the least favorite cocktail being “86″. The competitor that is “86″ will take fourth place and be done. This scenario will repeat over three heats to determine a fourth, third, second and first place.


-Bartending Skills                                  -20 points

-Name of Drink                                      -20 points

-Presentation                                          -20 points

-Originality                                             -20 points

-Ingredients Showcased                      -20 points

-Taste                                                       -20 points

Bartending Skills (20 points)

Bartending Skills- The Bartender will receive points for their skills as a professional bartender demonstrated while making their cocktail. Proper techniques and innovative procedures will score higher.

Name of Drink (20 points)

Name of Drink- The Bartender will receive points for how creative and appealing their cocktails name is.

Presentation (20 points)

Presentation- The Bartender will receive points for the final presentation of their cocktail as well as it being made.

Originality (20 points)

Originality- The bartender will receive points on how original their cocktail is by creating an original signature cocktail showcasing the mystery ingredients.

Ingredients Showcased (20 points)

Ingredients Showcased- The bartender will receive points for how well they utilized the mystery ingredients. The better all of the mystery ingredients are utilized and showcased, the better their score will be.

Taste (20 points)

Taste- The bartender should be able to make a good tasting drink as well as everything else. What’s the point of having a great named drink, presented well, original, ingredient well showcased cocktail if it doesn’t taste good? The bartender will receive points on how well their cocktail appeals to the judges palette.


Hindrance (5 points)- Any action or series of actions that “prevent or make difficult” another competitors round. I.E.: touching another competitors, bar, tools, ingredients, cocktail, etc…

Excessive use of Ingredients (10 points)- Any action where a competitor takes an excessive amount of ingredients from the back bar and doesn’t utilize them all in their drink or as a strategy to prevent other competitors from using that product for their cocktail.

For the final 2 bartenders, your scores will be added together from each final round you advance in. So the competitor who scores the highest overall in all of the final rounds will win the final round.

All Rules are subject to Change.

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