Flair Rules




The contest shall be based on a point system, with a total of three hundred (300) points (310 with Bonus) available to each bartender. Points may be accumulated during one round of competition with a fixed maximum number of points per round:



-If the bartender does not arrive at the venue by the required time of the day of the event they will be deducted 1 point for every minute after until they arrive.

Blind Working Flair 300 points

Each contestant will be asked to prepare a blind drink list which will consist of five drinks and one measured free pour. The drink list will contain 1 Single Liquor Cocktail, 1 Shaken Cocktail, 1 Stirred Cocktail,  3 identical Rèal Ingredients Specialty Drinks and 1 Measured Flair Pour. Each list will consist of one of each drink from a possible three for each drink category. The competitor will not know the drinks they are preparing until the emcee announces them from the random drink lists and then says “Go”.

-The contestant can free pour the measured free pour at any time as long as the free pour is poured with the designated free pour bottle (Ketel One Citroen filled with water).

-The free pour must be performed with some sort of Flair or the pour will not count!

-If the bartender would like music for their routine they must submit the CD or thumb drive to the DJ after the preliminary meeting.

-No FIRE what so ever unless used to help present your garnish for your specialty cocktail!

-The bartender must make the drinks according to the drink list. This includes the proper glassware, ingredients, portions, procedures, garnishes, etc…

-Ice can only be scooped by an ice scoop or tin, No Glassware! That would be a unsanitary procedure.

-The bartender must use the spirits that are available at the competition and may not bring other spirits to the contest that are not part of their Rèal Ingredients specialty drink for that is illegal.

-750mls bottles from the bar layout will be provided unless otherwise stated.

The order of the drinks will be called out as
-Measured Flair Pour (Bonus)
-Single Liquor Cocktail
-Shaken Cocktail
-Stirred Cocktail
-Rèal Ingredients Specialty Drink

-You will be making one of each drink… Measured Flair Pour, Single Liquor Cocktail, Shaken Cocktail, Stirred Cocktail and then 3 identical Rèal Ingredients Specialty Drinks.

-If the bartender does not complete the drinks from the drink list before finishing, He will be penalized for either missing ingredients or if three or more ingredients are missing then it would be a missing drink.

-The drinks from the drink list can be made in any order.

-The Rèal Ingredients Specialty Drink may be any Serviceable Drink of your choice using at least 1oz of any Simply Squeeze Reàl infused syrup.

-You may also set the levels of any other bottles you are using for your Rèal Ingredients Specialty Drink to any amount of or over a 1/2oz. Finest Call bottles will be set half full.

-The bartender will have six minutes to complete the drinks from the required Drink list and pour a measured Flair Pour. Whatever the Bartender has not completed after the time limit will be deducted from their total score.

-Any drinks, props, assistance or equipment that is not already at the bar must be pre-approved by Rob Husted or Amanda Ashcraft prior to the start of your round.

-Bartenders that have a high degree of difficulty or Guest involvement in their routines must discuss their routine and be pre-approved by Rob Husted or Amanda Ashcraft prior to the start of your round.

-The bar will be cleaned and reset after each contestant. The bartender will have five (5) minutes to arrange their tins, specialty bottles, specialty store-n-pours, and props in their station. You may use the back bar for more room.

-All Working Flair bottles will be set by the head barback and all specialty bottles will be set by the bartender and checked by the head barback.

-The liquor bottles we provide will be set half full and any other bottles for you’r Rèal Ingredients specialty drink you may be using can be set at any level as long as there is a 1/2oz or more of liquid in each bottle.

-Your product for your Rèal Ingredients Specialty Drink must be in its original packaging. You may not use clear “FBA Pro Tour”, “Competitor Choice” or “BarWars L.L.C.” taped bottles during your round. Competitors must use the supplied Store-N-Pour containers provided for juices if needed.

-All of the bottles in the bar layout will be set to half full and the Finest Call Mixes will be set to 1/2 full.

-The emcee will then read the drinks out loud and will say “GO”, At this time the clock will start and you have six minutes (seven minutes for finals) to make the drinks on the drink list with Flair. You may not touch any equipment until the emcee says “GO”.

-If the bartender breaks a bottle they can ask the barback for a back up of what was broken.

-Also the last minute of your routine there will be NO DEDUCTIONS for Spills, Drops or Breaks!

-Competitors must clear their station within two (2) minutes after their routine.

All Rules are subject to Change.


-Working Flair                                                         50 points

-Difficulty                                                                  25 points

-Smoothness                                                             25 points

-Variety of moves, styles & objects                       25 points

-Originality & crowd response                              25 points

-Measured Flair Pour Bonus                       10 point Bonus

Working Flair (50 points)

Working Flair- The Bartender will receive points for there Working Flair ability. This score will be based on the bartenders overall Working Flair on all of their drinks in the round. You will be judged on all areas of Working Flair. Working Flair is the things you can do while you work, that entertain and more importantly Don’t slow down service. To quote one of the masters Ken Hall “You should not have an entire series of moves without working towards the drink building process”. Overall Working Flair Score will be determined with one summed up score determined by: Technical Working Flair ,Creative Working Flair ,Showmanship and Overall Performance.

Difficulty (25 points)

Overall Flair- The bartender will receive points for making drinks with some style of Flair. The more degree of difficulty the more points will be awarded.


Smoothness (25 points)

Smoothness- The bartender will receive points for showing total control of their tricks. Their angles being tight rather than sloppy. Regardless of the difficulty level, do you “Nail” the moves or do you fumble through it?


Variety of Moves, Styles and Objects (25 points)

Variety- The bartender should be able to do some sort of Flair with everything behind the bar. Demonstrate mastery of your equipment by using as many different objects as possible. A little bit of everything will get you a high score! Be creative! Repetitive moves will not score you high in this category.

-Garnishes & straws
-Bottle & tin
-Three bottles
-Full Shaker
-2 Bottles
-Four bottles
-2 or 3 Tins
-Five bottles
-Ice Scoop
-2 Bottles & tin
-Bar spoon
-Different ways to pour
-1 Bottle


Originality & Crowd Response (25 points)

Originality- The bartender will receive points for an original move that is new or hasn’t really been seen yet. Let your own style shine through.
Crowd Response- A bartender who can connect with the crowd is a more valuable employee. We are looking for crowd interaction ie: (cheering, yelling, hooting, laughing, chanting, singing, clapping, flashing, etc.)

HINT: Stack the deck in your favor by inviting friends and family to cheer you on!


-Spill                                                                     -1 point

-Breakage                                                             -10 points

-Wrong Glass                                                       -1 point

-Wrong Portion                                                   -1 point

-Wrong / Missing ingredient                            -1 point

-Wrong / Unsanitary procedure                       -10 points

-Wrong garnish                                                    -1 point

-Dropped items                                                     -1 point

-Missing Cocktail                                                  -20 points

-Not attempting a Finest Call Stall                   -25 points


-Appearance                                                          -25 points

-Aroma                                                                   -25 points

-Taste                                                                      -25 points

-Garnish                                                                 -25 points

-Bartender skills & attire                                    -50 points

Appearance (25 points)

Appearance- The judges will be looking at the overall appearance of the cocktail. is it appealing to the eye? Does it stand out from other cocktails? Does the overall appearance make sense?


Aroma (25 points)

Aroma- The judges will be looking for the overall aroma of the cocktail. is the odor appealing and help stimulate it’s consumption or is the odor unappealing and lack characteristics that don’t make sense with the recipe?


Taste (25 points)

Taste- The judges will be looking for the overall taste of the cocktail. Does the cocktail distinguish itself from other cocktails and is the taste appealing to the palate? Is the taste experience pleasurable and entice the senses as it is enjoyed by the tongue? Is the cocktail well balanced?


Garnish (25 points)

Garnish- The judges will be looking at the overall garnish and decoration of the cocktail. Is it appealing to the senses? Does the garnish and decoration make sense? Does it help tell the story of the cocktail?


Bartender Skills (50 points)

Bartender Skills & Attire- The judges will be looking at the overall technical mixology skills of the bartender. Are they a master of their tools? Do they go through the professional and proper steps in the cocktail making process?

Is the bartender wearing professional attire and promote a sense of class in their outfit on stage? Or are they wearing ripped jeans and a raggedy t-shirt? Regardless of what kind of bar you may work in, when on stage for a competition, you should represent yourself and the bartending community professionally from the way you dress to attitude on stage.


1. Recipe submitted not with the sponsored brand will result in disqualification of the competitor.

2. Any unsportsmanlike activity or any activity hurtful to the competition, organizers, competitors, staff, judges, sponsors, venues, etc… will not be tolerated.


1. All equipment and bottles are to be stored in crate and kept neatly in holding area.

2. Competitor is required to bring his/her own bottles that are required in their Rèal Ingredients specialty recipe. All non-sponsored bottles must contain its original label in its original bottle. No exceptions. Bring back-ups to be used in case of breakages. The organizer will not be providing bottles other then sponsored bottles that will be set half full.

3. Competitor must provide all of the non-sponsor ingredients including alcohol for their cocktail recipes. Competitor may pour the required amount of alcohol into bottles in front of the head barback or use half full sponsored bottles as supplied.

4. All bottles presented on stage must be new, clean and with current label. Bottles with old label or dirty label must not be used.

5. Competitor may not use their own bottles for his/her juice. Competitors must use the supplied Store-N-Pour containers provided.

6. No half size bottle (375ml) or miniature bottle shall be permitted unless it is the size provided by the sponsor.

7. Competitor shall provide his/her own speed pourers for their Rèal Ingredients specialty cocktail. All Working Flair bottles provided will have Spill-Stop #285-50 pour spouts.

8. One line of tape on speed pourers onto your Rèal Ingredients specialty bottles is allowed as long as it doesn’t block any labels.

9. There must be no distinguishing label on bottle used for product other than its original label.


When there are updates prior to the competitor meet & greet we will post them here. It is the competitor’s responsibility to continually check for updates as they will not be notified personally.

June 1: Finals will be 7 minutes. Qualifying will be 6 minutes.

June 5: Drink List, Bar Layout & Accuracy Rules posted.

June 16: Surrounding hotels posted & Bubba Sparxx Concert details.

June 18: So there is no confusion, the only vodka allowed on stage for Mixology or Flair is Ketel One, Ketel One Oranje & Ketel One Citroen.

June 25: The rum will be Tanduay Rum 750ml & the tequila will be Dulce Vida Tequila 750ml.

-Competitors in Mixology & Working Flair need to be at the meet & greet on Monday June 26, 2017 at 9pm at Flair Street in City Place at noon on Tuesday June 27, 2017.

Any updates at the meet & greet will be the competitor’s responsibility to learn if they do not attend the meet & greet.

All Rules are subject to Change.

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