Updated: May 1, 2005

TandemFor some reason it seems America has a bad wrap for making poor drinks. Some claim that what America lacks in cocktail creativity it more than makes up for in fun and Flair.

If you ask any American Bartender if he makes a good drink (Martini, Margarita, shot, etc..), most of the time they will reply with “Of course.. mines the best!” Which may or may not be the case.

Are we American Bartenders really going the extra mile to make good drinks? Or do we just think we are? What makes a good drink opposed to a great drink? Does it need fresh ingredients and proper procedures? Can you make a great tasting and appealing drink to all of the senses in a timely manner while still having some fun behind your bar? What might look and taste great to me might not look and taste great to someone else? Have we American Bartenders gotten lazy in a sense due to “High Volume” Bartending and worry too much about pumping out drinks and less on the quality? Or have we evolved in a sense where we can make quality drinks that our guests enjoy while serving multiple guests at a time? Then add a little personality and Flair.

Skyy90In the end who is the judge.. Ourselves, other Bartenders or our guests?

To hear more on this subject you can head on over to our ‘Interviews’ page where Tom Dyer talks about Flair in the UK and touches on a little bit of Mixology or you can post your opinion on the Flairbar.com thread on the FBA site. First you will have to become a member, all the cool kids are doing it. ;-)

While were on the subject of Mixology. Try these great summer drinks from Francesco Lafranconi on our ‘Flavors’ page. They are very worth the time and effort.

After that you can learn all about another spirit.. Gin. The Vice President of the USBG (United States Bartenders Guild) Nevada Chapter, Bobby G., is ‘In The Mix’. This underrated spirit has so many possibilities and a rich history behind it that you might be surprised to learn.

From one surprise to the next. This month’s article is from Mike McLean of Flairco. He talks to us about the good and bad of being a judge on our Articles page.

From judging to competing. This month’s ‘Competition Review‘ showcases The King of the Ring 2. This Flair competition didn’t end the way many thought it might. You can read the full review from one of our latest additions to the Flairbar.com team of writers, Josh Carpenter.

Graham Warner joins us on our ‘Masterclass’ section (right after bartending with Rick Barcode at Grant Reil’s wedding) where he teaches us some original Canadian Flair. What a great wedding that had to be!

Hot_ChicksThen you can check out the Finest Call Stall that won our new ‘Reader Contest’ and a slew of prizes! It almost looks like an advertisement to visit Hawaii.

All of this plus our regular features, Cut Off by Toby Ellis, more ‘Upcoming comps’ more ‘Barware’, more pages, and more Flair than you can shake a Skyy 90 bottle at.





To Flair and Friends,

Rob Husted.


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