Updated: June 1, 2007

Win over your crowd and they will help you win over management.Winning over and management and having them support your Flair bartending is extremely important. Nothing is worse then being very passionate about something and being told you can’t do it. Use these steps as a guide to better your chances of implementing your Flair bartending in a positive environment. We continue now from last month and pick up where we left off.Flair_FunForth…You’re increasing return revenue by returning guests”. People loved to be entertained, and movement is entertaining. Now you are not only entertaining your guests while you are making their drinks but your are including them in your world, giving them extra effort and making them feel special for it. Now keep in mind everybody else at your bar watching you and also being entertained. So now your are entertaining the guests you are making the drinks for and everybody else that is watching. Something I still find hilarious are the guys that might seem to give you a little attitude about you Flairing (Usually because they are jealous and would love to be passionate about their job and love what they do like you) when you make their drink and will even pretend not to notice you while you are performing, but as soon as your back is turned they will glance over. That is when I love looking in the mirror on our back bar and seeing their expressions while I’m performing. Even better is seeing their expressions when they notice I’m watching them watching me. Priceless. Any guest can go visit any bartender at any bar down the street and get pretty much the same tasting drink. So why should they come and see you? Because you are offering them more then the bartenders down the street. You might remember their name, what they drink, a funny story you shared, You are taking the time to show them they are important and you are giving them something extra that the other bartenders are not. You are giving them an experience, you are entertaining them and you are making them feel special. Bottom line. Everybody wants to be somebody… So let them be somebody at your bar and they will keep coming back and keep spending money at your venue and keep putting money in your pocket. Who knows, you might even make some good friendships out of it as well. I know I have…

Fifth…“You’re promoting the bar in a positive way”. Now what do you think those guests are going to do after having a great experience at your bar? Tell all of their friends of course! The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Now you have tons of walking and talking recruiters for you and more importantly your bar constantly advertising for you in a positive way. That’s priceless! Now lets say you take Flair bartending to the next level and you start to compete in Flair bartending competitions. Everybody watching you will know where you work and what you are capable of after seeing you perform. If they like what they see, chances are they will come in and see you and with you giving them a great experience they can become your regular guests now. When you start doing good in these Flair bartending competitions you will start to get some exposure. From newspapers, flyers, magazines, websites, radio, television and more. You can get positive exposure promoting both you and your bar. There are a lot of opportunities out their for Flair bartenders, it helps when you have the support of your management to capitalize on them.

Hopefully you already have started to implement steps 1 – 3 and now you can work on 4 and 5.   Remember, Show management…

  1. You’re performing the moves with accuracy and creating a safe environment.
  2. You’re making the bar more money.
  3. Your guests are having fun and enjoying themselves more now.
  4. You’re increasing return revenue by returning guests.
  5. You’re promoting the bar in a positive way.

These are some steps to help guide you in the right direction. Also remember you need to be a great bartender first and fore most with a positive attitude. Nobody likes a bartender that thinks they are better then everybody else with a poor attitude. Good luck and keep flipping.

To Flair and Friends…




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