• BBN_Cocktail_July_2017a

    Syrups, Foams & Flips- by Kris Bahamondes

    MIYAKO SUNRISE 1.5 oz.’s Bombay Sapphire .5 oz.’s Junmai Sake (dry) .75 oz.’s nori syrup .5 oz.’s lime juice .5 oz.’s kalamansi puree Himalayan pink salt rim Strip of nori to...

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    Long Time Coming

      Being a bartender is so much harder than most day-walkers will ever realize. Being a flair bartender in America (outside the surreal bubble that is Las Vegas) is doubly hard....

  • BBN_Cocktail_March_2017a

    Gin & Juice – by Kris Bahamondes

    SPIRULINITY 1.5 oz.’s Botanist Gin .5 oz.’s unfiltered Sake .75 oz.’s spirulina syrup .5 oz.’s lemon juice .25 oz.’s yuzu juice 1 egg white Spirulina powder to garnish Spirulina is considered...