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A mixing tin or shaker is used to mix ingredients by shaking them rigorously. There are many different styles from three piece shakers to crystal shakers. It is the most simplistic of designs that has become the industry standard for Flair, the stainless steel tin with a weighted bottom.

The tin pictured here is a stainless steel tin with weighted bottom but it has been dipped in Vinyl for grip and finish.

It is common to see colored tape on the bottom of the tin covering the join between the weight and the tin. There are two reasons for this. After dropping the tin a few times the weight usually separates so the tape holds it in place and secondly different colored tape allows people to tell who’s tins are who’s. Stainless steel tins can be purchased with or without weights and it just boils down to a personal preference.



A tomahawk is a move were a bottle is held back handed over the shoulder and thrown (like a tomahawk) into a juggle.

In this video clip you can see Adrianno Marcellino from Argentina throwing continuous Tomahawks.


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