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A particular grip where the palm of your hand is holding the neck of the bottle and your index and middle finger are extended onto the base of the bottle.

It is used for flat/dead tosses behind the back with full bottles (working Flair) and other various moves.





An annual Flair bartending competition held each year around the end of July in Vancouver, Canada.

Organized by the people who brought you Bottle Slinger the movie, the emphasis is on showmanship.

Previous winners include Christian Delpech, Adrianno Marcellino, Mark Mital and Shawn Oana, pictured left.





A pour spout enables you to pour liquid from a bottle easily without spilling from the bottles neck.

There are many different variations. The Spill-Stop 285-50 (Pictured top Left) is made up of four parts; The grommet (black rubber), breather shaft (thin metal tube that extends into the bottle), the collar (silver decorative plate above the collar that helps prevent leaks) and the spout.

It has become the industry standard due to its consistency allowing bartenders to count their pours which enables the bartender to free pour different amounts accurately. It has recently received the distinction of becoming an official FBA (Flair Bartenders Association) endorsed product.

Plastic pour spouts are becoming very popular with Flair bartenders, especially for multiple bottle tricks. They come standard on Flairco practice bottles and offer a safer alternative to the 285-50′s flesh gauging sharp tips.

Pictured in the red circle above is a Possi-Pour. This kind of pour spout measures a set amount of liquid from the bottle. It is not conducive to mixology because different recipes require different amounts. It is also not conducive to Flair because the internal mechanism responsible for measuring amounts works on the principle of going from upright to upside down in one fluid motion and does not perform correctly when thrown around.

All three different styles of Pour Spout and more are available through our Shop.





A pulp of vegetables or fruit, etc., reduced to a smooth creamy substance - Oxford Dictionary.

FiFinest Call® offers the best juice intensive puree mixes. All six flavors are full of natural fruit puree and have been developed to deliver the perfect cocktail.

The Puree Collection™ can also be used for dessert toppings, smoothies, salad dressings, milk shakes and dozens of other delicious applications.




A Pyramid is the name given to a style of glass stack with bottles and drinks all balanced on the top of your head.

The base bottle is upside down. The next bottle is horizontal. The next layer is made up of drinks. From here on up you can keep creating layers using horizontal bottles and glasses.

Pictured left is Leroy Bandy from Kahunaville Las Vegas performing a six layer Pyramid.

1. Use empty bottles
2. Some people prefer using a wine cork in the base bottle, some people prefer having nothing in the neck of the base bottle.
3. Use plastic cups instead of glass ware, it’s a lot lighter and safer.
4. Use flat edged bottles for the horizontal layers, like Jagermeister.

5. Use liquid and ice in the cups for some weight and color effect.
6. Use a wet Bev-Nap between the base bottle and the first layer for grip. Also use wet Bev-Naps under the plastic cups for grip on the bottle below.
7. Use extreme caution!


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