“HYBRID MIXOLOGY”… What will you be inspired to do…?

Updated: July 1, 2012

“Hybrid Mixology”… a term that came up in conversation with Dean Serneels and myself many years ago.  I described it as an evolution to traditional Mixology. During that time, the popular style of Mixology was building a cocktail with a series of exaggerated moves with expensive tools with hard to find ingredients by a bartender with a vest, hat and facial hair. Thank God we have come along way since then! Well at least some of us? Lol

FBC_ServiceBartending to me has always been about “service” above anything else. We service our guests in many ways, whether it be with Flair, great cocktails, exchanging stories and jokes, a tight fitting corset or any other tools we may wield… the service we give will keep the guest coming back for me.  9 times out of 10, if you had to choose a bartender that makes incredible tasting cocktails but your bored out of your mind or a bartender that can make anything that is in their bartender rolodex of recipes but your having one hell of a good time at their bar… odds are your going to choose the later bartender giving you better service.



So the question came up… “How do you do both?”… my answer was “Hybrid Mixology”!. Imagine being able to craft great original cocktails while still having the time to entertain your guests and the freedom to give better service. It’s simple… Setup for success and do as much as you can ahead of time. Obviously prep as much glassware, garnishes, bevnaps, alchol, herbs, spices, bitters, etc… as you can to save time later. Setup your bar so its clean and inviting, invite some attractive woman to help the seeds of a busy night grow… this is nothing new… now we come to the “Hybrid Mixology”. “Hybrid Mixology” can be utilized with prepping pre-made syrups, foams, mixes, etc… anything that will save you time while still creating handcrafted cocktails. Why do you think “punches” are so popular during the holidays and busy events… because their easy to serve while still creating something unique. Same concept in a sense.

FBC_FC_HybridI first utilized this at an event we were hired to create two original well crafted cocktails while entertaining the guests with Flair. So ahead of time I took some Finest Call Bar Syrup mixed with Finest Call Strawberry Puree and infused fresh basil and made a Strawberry Basil syrup combining pre-made items and fresh ingredients to give me a “Hybrid” of the two to give me the freedom to still make original well crafted cocktails with quick working Flair moves in a timely manner for our guests and thus providing better service.



The next syrup I made that day was with Finest Call Bar Syrup, fresh mint, fresh lime juice and fresh vanilla making a Vanilla Mojito Syrup. Both of these syrups made ahead of time helped us make a huge impact on the clients and very happy guests. So, then I applied this technique behind a high volume bar in a nightclub… YES, I was making high volume hand crafted cocktails with Flair in a South Florida nightclub. It worked and helped me separate myself from the competition thus providing better service and making more money for the venue and myself. FYI- the Finest Call Bacon Agave cocktail with a Blue Cheese foam was out of this world!

With the higher tips I was able to tip my barback out more and I return he would help prep my syrups, foams and all of my fun hybrid stuff ahead of time before I even got to the club because he realized he made more money as well when I was able to do this.

FBC_Hybrid_FruitSo now I was making more money and more opportunities, making my venue more money which made me a more valuable employee and my barback was doing most of the prep for me ahead of time. Life was good and it just further excited my passion to learn more and become better at my craft. Now I create foams, “Suspension Syrups”, interactive garnishes and so much more. I hope if your not doing some form of “Hybrid Mixology” behind your bar already… hopefully I can convince you to get creative and have some fun for you and your guests. What will you create?



To get some more ideas of some “Hybrid Mixology” you can check out “www.drinkdub.com”, Drinkdub is like an underground Facebook for bartenders of all levels. Once you are logged in, click on the “Recipes” link on the right.


To Flair & Friends,



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  1. Elton Marvin Jr.

    January 5, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    This is a very well written article for sure, I’ve also preached this philosophy for years, but the way I phrased it goes something like this.. A complete bartender should have many tools in his belt, like Batman. If a bat-a-rang gets the job done, than a smoke grenade is not the right tool. Flair is a tool, Mixology is a tool, telling a joke is a tool, speed is a tool, product knowledge is a tool… etc. etc. Knowing which tool is right for which situation or bar is how a bartender excels at his/her craft. Think “I’m Batman!” Next time your behind the bar and you will make eye contact with that guest and think hmmm, am I using the right tool?

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