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Hawthorn Strainer

This is by far the most common type of cocktail strainer, it has a very unique look to it, with the wire “spring” that encircles the rim. The rolled spring around the edge of the strainer does a fine job of keeping the ice in the shaker but still allowing some of the fruit pulp, and even some small shards of ice into the glass.

Traditionally you will find Hawthorn Strainers with either two or four prongs which stabilize it on the top of the shaker, but you can also find them without any prongs, just an extra wide spring that will do the job.

Definition courtesy of drinkboy.com

It’s hard to find a satisfactory explanation of the name. One rumor is that it is linked to a town named Hawthorn in America.


In the wild world of performance bartending strainer Flair is often overlooked.

In the video clip (above) Joey Lenz shows us a bunch of different tricks you can do with this piece of stainless. Yet the hardest trick still seems to be finding out why it’s called a Hawthorn Strainer.



The Helicopter is a Flair move that was originally an old juggling trick. It simply involves rotating a bottle on a horizontal plane thus creating the effect of a helicopters spinning blades. This move was first showcased by Cache Bouren and dubbed “Cache’s Copter”.

In the video clip (above) Jamie ‘Big Dog’ Berrier first demonstrates a simple helicopter and then goes on to show us some variations using the helicopter as a base for other tricks.



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