Updated: January 21, 2014




DEAD TOSS (See Flat)

A Dead Toss (Also known as a Flat) is when you throw a bar object (such as a bottle, tin etc..) with no rotation.

It may have spin. Usually spin will help project the object but it can not have any rotation to be called a Dead Toss or Flat.This is a very helpful technique for working Flair because if you were to rotate a full bottle you would incur a spill.

Pictured left is Erin Connelly Dead Tossing a bottle from her right hand to her left hand behind her back. Click on her picture to see video of other examples.



MIXOLOGY: A small, round or pear shaped portion of liquid that hangs or falls or adheres to a surface. – Source: Oxford American Dictionary

If a Drip is the smallest denomination of pourable liquid then two Drips are a Drop, two Drops are a Dash and two Dashes are a Splash.

FLAIR: A Drop is a loss of control of a bar object resulting in the bar object touching the ground or other unintended area. Click on the picture left to see examples of Drops.



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