Cocktail Art Challenge 4

In honor of the first NATIONAL FLAIR BARTENDER’S DAY on June 10, 2022 we welcome you to the Cocktail Art Challenge, where we challenge you to create your best cocktail art while entertaining us on stage with the art of Flair for the crowd and the judges. What will you create?



Cocktail Art Challenge 2022 Rules



Pro Division
1st Place: $1,500 + Trophy + IBA World Cocktail Championship 2022 representing the USBG in Cuba + Paid USBG membership for 1 year
2nd Place: $1,000 + Trophy
3rd Place: $500 + Trophy
4th Place: $250 + Trophy
5th Place: $125 + Trophy

Amateur Division
1st Place: $250 + Trophy
2nd Place: $125 + Trophy
3rd Place: $100 + Trophy

FINEST CALL STALL: $100 + Trophy


(Open to anybody on site that wants to compete)

1st Place: $500 + Trophy

1st Place: $500

FLAIR YARD DAY CONTESTS (Tuesday June 7th Open to everybody)
FINEST CALL STALL: $100 + Trophy


Competition Date:

June 5-7, 2022


Competition Location:

The Improv West Palm Beach, Fl
550 S Rosemary Ave
Unit 250
West Palm Beach, Fl 33401

Yard Day Location:

Tuesday October 12, 2021.

Lake Worth Beach
10 S Ocean Blvd
Lake Worth Beach, Florida 33460

Competition Outline:

Competitors will be challenged on Working Flair, Accuracy and original Cocktail Creations with the best Flair performance on stage as judging points will be based on 50% Mixology & 50% Flair with a possible 10 point accuracy bonus.

We are also happy to announce this competition will serve as the United States Bartenders’ Guild IBA World Cocktail Championship Flair qualifier for 2022 with the overall 1st Place winner in the Pro division representing the United States and the United States Bartenders’ Guild in the IBA World Cocktail Championship in Cuba later this year.



Pro Division
1. Mariano Gill (Brownsville, TX)
2. Chad Tocco (Miami, FL)
3. Adrian Reyes (Orlando, FL)
4. Carlos Cardoso (West Palm Beach, FL)
5. Jean Manuel Griman (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
6. Lorenzo Garcia (Las Vegas, NV)
7. Marco Gamboa (Lima, Peru)
8. Marco Montaguano (Chicago, IL)
9. Luis Ortiz (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
10. Colby Ashton (Las Vegas, NV)
11. Olya Sabanina (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
12. Ivan Usov (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Amateur Division
1. David Austin (Birmingham, AL)
2. Semaj Lynch (Washington, DC)
3. Joel Ruiz Jr. (Brownsville, TX)
4. Marco Estrada (Brownsville, TX)
5. Alejandro Flores (Salt Lake City, Utah)




Jordan Mednick

Cocktail Network Live Anchorman
Dean Serneels

JR Hutter

VM Cesarphotography



Itinerary Sunday June 5th, 2022:

  • 8pm: Competitor Meet & Greet and Official Competitor Meeting with Sponsor Education
    Copper Blues
    550 S Rosemary Ave
    Unit 250
    West Palm Beach, Fl 33401

Itinerary Monday June 6th, 2022:


Itinerary Tuesday June 7th, 2022:

  • 2pm: Sponsored cocktails
  • 3pm: Flair Yard Day on Lake Worth Beach
    10 S Ocean Blvd
    Lake Worth, FL 33460
    On the grass between the pavilions.


Registration $100/$50:
Please email events@barwars.info with either Pro or Amateur division along with first name, last name and phone number. after you make online payment.

First competitors in the Pro division and in the Amateur Division to sign up first, secure their spot before registration closes. Registration is non-refundable and on a first come, first serve basis.

Pro Division (15 Competitors)




Amateur Division (5 Competitors)












Any questions can be emailed to events@barwars.info and the question and answer will be posted below and is the competitors job to check this page daily to stay updated…




Q: “Do I have to be an active USBG member to compete? 

A: No, but you will win a 1 free year USBG membership if you finish overall in the Pro Division.

Q: For Citrus, we are only allowed to use Finest Call lime or lemon right? I think thats just fair.Of course the fresh one would always be better, but I think since FC is sponsoring, I think it should only be strictly FC not unless they dont have yuzu”? 

A: For lemon & lime juice you can only use Finest Call Single Pressed Lemon or Lime juice and not fresh as this would be a competing mixer of Finest Call. Yuza falls under the category of lemon as would a spiced rum to a white rum in which only an expression of Plantation Rum would be allowed for Rum.

Please respect and show support for the brands making this competition possible.

Q: Rob, good morning. In the cocktail art challenge rules it states no homemade ingredients. It that geared towards us not making syrups? I would like to make a cordial and an egg white substitute. Will this be allowed?

The egg white substitute is methyl cellulose, xanthan gum, and water.

In the cocktail art challenge rules it states no homemade ingredients. Can we put together something with all store bought products that does not conflict with the sponsors?

A: Correct, no homemade ingredients are allowed to be mixed ahead of time on stage. If you would like to bring readily available store bought ingredients in their original packaging that DO NOT conflict with the sponsors or rules and mix them together on stage during your round you would be able to. The goal is being to easily replicate good recipes that push the boundaries of creativity the brands can utilize in the future if they see fit.

Q: It’s says only egg whites and juice for competitor choice bottles, does juice include milk/cream? My plea in case the answer’s no: I’m almost positive exhibition flair with egg whites isn’t possible which corners us into having to include some type of juice.”? 

A: Correct. Only egg whites or non-competing juices in competitor choice bottles. You can still utilize cream/milk in your recipe on stage if it is in its original store bought packaging during your round.

Q: Rules state any amount of RE’AL: Would using a REAL flavor to rim the glasses count?  After all, a little bit of RE’AL will be in every sip.”? 

A: Correct. the rules state: “Reàl Syrups (any expression & amount)”. If that is how you would like to showcase a brand that is supporting the competition you are competing in, that is up to you. 

Q: It says we can pre ice, can we pre rim glasses and/or pre garnish as well?? 

A: No. You may only pre-ice your glasses you will be serving from without rims or garnishes. However it is highly encouraged you prep your garnishes on a separate vessel (other then the glass you are serving your cocktail in) ahead of your round.

Q: What does it means iba technique .. is the most value point ways on the mixology category please more info”? 

A: From the Rules: “IBA Bartending Technique (50 points)
Technique- The bartender will be judged on their overall IBA technique and bartending skills during the cocktail building experience. Are you a master of your tools behind the bar or do show you are still learning proper clean efficient techniques?

To further clarify, International Bartenders’ Association (IBA) has a certain standard for proper technique in cocktail building that it is better outlined in our MANDATORY IBA Bartending Techniques Seminar on Monday June 6th at 4pm before the start of the competition to help educate our competitors and better set you up for success in future IBA & USBG cocktail competitions. To have a better understanding of this, please watch the videos below…


Q: “I have to prepare 8 cocktails? 4 with rum and 4 with gin? or is it only 4 with gin or rum?”
A: Yes, each competitor will be making Cocktail #1 (4 each) consisting of Plantation Rum (minimum 1oz), Finest Call Single Pressed (any amount) & Real Syrups (any amount) and anything else you like that doesn’t conflict with the rules or sponsors.

Cocktail #2 (4 each) consisting of Aviation Gin (minimum 1oz), Finest Call (any amount & competitor supplies this bottle) & Real Syrups (any amount) and anything else you like that doesn’t conflict with the rules or sponsors.

8 physical cocktails total, four of each.


Q: “Rob, natural pineapple juice is not allowed?”
A: Yes, you may use natural pineapple juice in its original store bought container or in a competitor choice bottle as per the rules as Finest Call does not make a Pineapple juice “Competitors may utilize juice & egg whites (and only juice & egg whites) in Competitor choice bottles. Competitor choice bottles are clear unlabeled bottles for juice & egg whites only if it’s in your recipe for your specialty cocktail. No electrical tape, not tinted glass, no stickers, no distinguishing marks or elements, … “clear unlabeled bottles” only.

Q: In recipe #01 and #02, do you have to use real and finest call? Both?
A: Yes, Cocktail #1 Finest Call Single Pressed Lemon, Lime or both and any Real Syrup. Cocktail #2 Any Finest Call (competitor supplied) and any Real syrup.

Q: Rob, I can use my own bottle of Ron Plantation and Gin Aviation 750ml half full of the back bar.
A: If you wanted to add more half full 750ml bottles of Plantation Rum and Aviation Gin to the back or front bar, Yes as long as the original back bar or front bar is not moved and you are only “ADDING” to it during your setup and the bottles and labels are clear, undamaged and in tact and not doctored in any way. Any Plantation Rum or Aviation Gin 750ml bottles will be set at half full.

Q: What does this mean: “Competitor Sponsor (optional logo)?
A: GREAT QUESTION! This is an opportunity created by Cocktail Network Live for the competitors to promote a non-competiting sponsor of the event on behalf of the competitor to help off set some of your travel expenses. Up to you who you want to partner on this and how YOU want to charge them… we recommend if you’re just starting out to ask to cover your entry fee… and eventually build from there.

We are tryimg to help competitors become better brands for themselves and help offset your costs at our competitions. :-)

Q: Quick question, sorry for that… do I have to make 8 cocktails on stage (4 with gin & 4 with rum) in 5 min total? I never saw something like that?
A: Yes. Each competitor will be responsible for making 2 cocktails each four times.

Cocktail #1: Plantation Rum Cocktail (You are making 4 of these)
Plantation Rum (any expression supplied & 1oz minimum)
Finest Call Single Pressed (Lime and/or Lemon & any amount)
Reàl Syrups (any expression & amount)
Ingredients: Competitors Choice
Glassware & Garnish: Competitor Provided
Cocktail #2 Aviation Gin Cocktail (You are making 4 of these)
Aviation Gin (1oz minimum)
Finest Call (any expression & amount competitor supplies)
Reàl Syrups (any expression & amount)
Ingredients: Competitors Choice
Glassware & Garnish: Competitor Provided
Here is the link below of the re-broadcast for the last Cocktail Art Challenge with almost exactly the same rules. Pardon the audio ;-)
Q: Can I use Long Drink in my cocktail?
A: No. Long Drink is a Gin based RTD and would conflict with the sponsor of Aviation Gin.
Q: Question: The rules state “no homemade ingredients” does this apply only to syrups? As to not conflict with finest call and reàl? Or can we make homemade garnishes, cordials, or infusions?
A: No homemade ingredients allowed which would apply to syrups, mixes, cordials, infusions, etc… HOWEVER… YES you are highly encouraged to be creative with YOUR GARNISHES and SERVING VESSEL (if you choose) as long as they don’t conflict with the rules or sponsors.
Q: Am I allowed to use a dasher bottle for my bitters or must they be in their original bottle? Also, I am using Lillet Blanc, am I allowed to use a cheater bottle or must that remain in its original bottle as well?
A: No bitters will have to stay in their original bottle but YOU MAY use a dasher screw on cap that fits most bitters bottles as that would be considered a bar tool.
Any spirit must be in its original bottle and not in a cheater bottle.

Q: I am using a technique which does not require stirring or shaking for one of my cocktails, however I will have to add purified water to my cocktail to reach proper dilution. Would I be allowed to put the purified water in my competitors choice bottles? 

Could I possibly use a tea in my competitors choice bottle? 

A: No , but if you want to use purified water you would have to utilize the store bought bottle it comes in on stage. If you wanted to use tea, you would have to use the original store bought package and pour from that on stage. If you wanted to use tea packets, you would have to add the packets to a vessel other then your competitor choice bottle on stage during your round and not pre-prepped as Competitors may utilize juice & egg whites (and only juice & egg whites) in Competitor choice bottles. Competitor choice bottles are clear unlabeled bottles for juice & egg whites only if it’s in your recipe for your specialty cocktail. No electrical tape, not tinted glass, no stickers, no distinguishing marks or elements, … “clear unlabeled bottles” only.


Q: Am I allowed to use a Flavor Blaster in the competition?
A: Yes as that would be considered a bar tool and the liquid ingredients are store bought and not doctored.

Q: Question do we need to start with the aviation gin and plantación pineapple in the back bar in position 19 and 20 ?
A: already answered above. Please check this page for for daily updates.
What kind of bottle will be use for free pour do we bring our own or it will be provided? 
A: The bottle will be provided and can not be swapped out. It’s a Myschyf unlabeled and unbranded 750ml bottle and is similar to a Smirnoff 750ml bottle.
Do all cocktails need to have finest call and real syrups?
A: Answer is clearly stated in the rules. Please re-read.
Do garnishes can only be handle with tongs?
A: It is up to you how you want to balance your routine with Flair and IBA Bartending Technique. There is no deduction for handling garnishes without tongs… but there could be points you can possibly gain from it depending on your performance.
Do pours have to be done level and with one tin at the time?

A: No.

Q: Is the free pour wildcard optional .. is no deductions is I don’t add it to the round ?
A: Answer is clearly stated in the rules. Please re-read. But.. Yes it is optional.

Q: Do bout cocktails are been judge equally?
A: Both Cocktail #1 and Cocktail #2 will be a total score for your Points.

Q: Hey Rob, so I see you have the cocktails numbered #1 plantation rum and #2 aviation gin with what is required.. my question is am I allowed to make my aviation gin drink first and my plantation rum drink second without changing requirements just the order it’s made??? Please tell me so?
A: As the rules clearly state… “The competitors will each have five minutes on stage to impress the judges
with their original two cocktails that can be made in any order.

Q: “Any specifications for the 30 second short of Plantacion and finest call?”
A: It is up to you how you would like to showcase Plantation Rum, Finest Call and yourself during your 30 second commercial being aired right before your round on the Cocktail Network Live Broadcast. It’s any easy $500 & trophy to the right competitor that puts some time into it. Here are the top two 30 second commercials from the last comp to help guide you…


Q: Tell me more about our Pro Sponsor?
A: Your Pro Sponsor is someone YOU CHARGE to help cover your costs… you charge whatever you want (we recommend at least covering your entrance fee if not more).

Dean and I put together something more for you to give back value to your “Pro Sponsor” by including airing their professional 30 second commercial (you supply before the meet & greet ) on air before your round as well.

Competitor Pro Sponsor ROI
1) 30 second commercial time awarded at the beginning of the round. MUST be high quality and professionally edited commercial video. 2) Pro Sponsor logo on lower third of screen during competitors round.
3) Pro Sponsor can be incorporated into music or any other way on stage during the round. Clothing etc.
4) Cocktail Network Live Anchor will mention the Pro sponsor.
5) Competitor post interview. Pro Sponsor Logo will again be on screen and competitor is encouraged to promote their sponsor along with others.
6) Cocktail Network Live must approve the Pro Sponsor and commercial content.
7) Sponsors shall remain free of politics and religion.  Pro sponsor can not be inappropriate and doesn’t conflict with the event sponsors.

Use this to help show Return on Investment for your Pro Sponsor.

Q: “Do competitors have a guest list for the night of the finals?
A: YES. Competitors have an unlimited guest list for the night of the finals. Just need First & Last names you can email at the Meet & Greet.


Q: “Do competitors have a group chat?
A: YES. Competitors and staff just got added to the Cocktail Art Challenge WPB Facebook Messenger Group. Please check and join the conversation.

Q: “Do we have to pick up real products from display in back bar or can we have doubles in bar station?
A: If you wanted to add more Real Syrup or Finest Call bottles to the back or front bar, Yes as long as the original back bar or front bar is not moved and you are only “ADDING” to it during your setup and the Real Syrup & Finest Call bottles and labels are clear, undamaged and in tact and not doctored in any way. Competitor will supply any additional Real Syrups, Finest Call, Aviation Gin (half full), Plantation Rum (half full), etc bottles they would like to add in addition to the bar schematic. 


Q: “Who are the judges?
A: As the time of this post (and this may change slightly) the judges are…
Josh Schall
Dianna Greene
John Kao

Travis Tober
CJ Hamm
Rob Husted

John Buckley


Q: If I’m using finest call simple syrup, can I have that starting in the well or does it have to on the back bar? Will Finest Call Simple Syrup be provided or do I have to bring my own?
A: All ready answered but to clarify again… Yes you can have Finest Call Simple Syrup in your well and No, Since it is not on the bar schematic the competitor will have to supply this.

Q: I know it states that we aren’t allowed to use competing mixers but in my cocktail i’m using Real Mango and want to add a little bit of mango juice, i know there’s the finest call puree but was wondering if this would be in conflict. It’s not a puree that i’m using, it’s a juice?
A: YES you ARE ALLOWED to use Mango juice in a competitor choice bottle as Finest Call makes Mango puree and Real Mango syrup and not Mango juice.






Good luck to all of the competitors!